TBS Education-Barcelona and University of Edinburgh Business School have gotten together to set a collaboration titled Re-count, which has the aim of creating a space for visual/photographic deliberation about the role of (ac)counting and numbers in life in the shape of a gallery.

This project is lead and founded by Wafa Khlif, Professor at TBS Education – Barcelona, and Afshin Mehrpouya, Professor and Chair of Accounting, Sustainability & Governance at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Submissions of visual/photographic works are open up to August 20th 2023, all of them receiving back feedback and recommendations from the Academic & Artistic Committee (Curatorial board) just by taking part in it, as well as having the opportunity to network with industry professionals and being featured on the online gallery.

Re-count Photography Agora by TBS Education-Barcelona

However, among all submissions, only a few will be short-listed and, consequently, featured on social media platforms, have international exposure, and some of them will be included in a book volume which will be edited and published by members of the curatorial board based on the submitted photographic work.

Afterward, two physical and one online exhibition will be held, including the photographic submissions aiming to engage the audience in a visual experience/exchange about ‘how numbers and counting work in our lives and our relation to nature’ and ‘how quantification pervades our modern life’.

The exhibitions:

  • A physical exhibition in Barcelona
  • A physical exhibition in Edinburgh
  • An online exhibition
  • Projects: short-listed photography curated by the Academic & Artistic Committee
  • Date: late 2023 / early 2024

Whether you are a researcher, a photographer, a student, or you have any profession, you are welcome to submit your visual works about how you deal with numbers and counting in day-to-day life.

Learn more about it on the Re-count website:

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