Last February 17th, we celebrated Prize day at the TBS campus in Barcelona: the awards ceremony to recognize Bachelor and Master students´ efforts and commitments during the academic year. We were pleased to hold the event in hybrid mode and welcome Andrew Funk as our special guest of honor from Homeless Entrepreneur.

Andrew Funk

As always Ryan Donno, International Students Coordinator, started by giving thanks to all students that received votes and highlighting the international environment at TBS. The floor was then opened to Andrew who openly talked about his personal life and start-up. Some interesting takeouts were about social impact.

For example, he talked about how Homeless Entrepreneur helps people get back on track through various initiatives by promoting a positive environment, housing, and work opportunities so people can contribute as citizens in society.

As an entrepreneur, Andrew also gave his professional advice on criticism about working with homeless people. Students learned about focusing their energy and practices on what creates a positive impact and not overload themselves with negativity.

The long-awaited awards

Following the unique and inspiring discussion, Ryan Donno moved on to the awards. Students received votes from professors and fellow students which were accumulated, and winners were selected by the academic committee. Gabriel Zúñiga, Director of Studies, officially gave the awards and acknowledged the work of the students.

The winners by category included:

  • Best Student Initiative Award – Andreas Holl, Bachelor in Management, for the creation of the financial trading and education group.
  • Inspiring Student Award – Rohan Srivastava, Master in Management, for his positive impact on other students. He was very grateful and hoped his actions would continue to inspire more people.
  • Student Engagement Award –Mostefa Hakim Benabdessadok, Bachelor in Management, as TBS WAY president voluntarily organized many student activities giving them countless opportunities to integrate with each other.
  • Social Responsibility Award – Una Norseng Tandberg, Bachelor in Management, her fellow students recognized her commitment to social responsibility and as she quoted the environmental activist and writer, Wendell Berry, “The earth is what we all have in common”, so take care of it and remember that the small actions add up “.
  • Admission Excellence Scholarship  – Hannah Barnstead, Bachelor in Management, for her high admission results in the Spanish track of the 1st year. 

We are all extremely proud of our winners and hope their efforts will continue to shine.

BCN Prize Day 2022

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