Our MSc Marketing Management students, specializing in Retail and Costumer Goods, have visited two Sephora stores to learn about this company’s history track and establishment into being a powerful provider of customer experience.

The first one was the flagship store, located in El Triangle shopping center, which is one of the most centric areas in Barcelona. All in all, this is the reason why our students were explained what is the aim of this store, its past and evolution, and how it is distributed to function properly. In addition to this, students also learnt about the personalized pathway that customers follow guided by the store’s professionals and sales advisors.

Visiting this store was also an exercise to understand the logics of every detail in it – from the time-limited stands to the traditional way of placing the perfumes, which was helpful to understand how fast Sephora adapts and innovates when it comes to customer experience depending on the needs required.

Finally, our students visited another store located in Passeig de Gràcia in order to set the differences and similarities.

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