Are you interested in business management? Which master’s program is best for you? Consider the differences between a Master in Management (MiM) and an MBA.  

Both programs will help you gain management skills, knowledge, and connections. But what sets them apart?  

Master in Management vs MBA. Which Program to Choose?

In this infographic we can see the differences of the Master in Management degree vs MBA

Master in Management vs MBA. Which Program to Choose?

Overview of MiM and MBA course 

Master in Management (MiM)  

  • Duration: Generally 1-2 years. Our MiM program duration is 2 years. Our Master’s in Management program provides a unique and diverse multi-campus experience. You will have the opportunity to study at up to three different campuses, choosing from Barcelona, Paris, Casablanca, and Toulouse, allowing you to enjoy the distinct benefits each location has to offer. 
  • Experience: Designed for early-career professionals or recent graduates.  
  • Focus: Offers a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of management.  

Master of Business Administration (MBA)  

  • Duration: Typically 2 years. 
  • Experience: Geared towards professionals with substantial work experience.  
  • Focus: Provides an extensive understanding of business and management principles.  

What is the difference between Masters in Management and MBA

Admissions requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree  
  • Little to no work experience  
  • GMAT/GRE scores may be required  

Our Master in Management degree is taught entirely in English, thus requiring students to possess a high proficiency in the language.  

Learn more about our Admission requirement:


  • Bachelor’s degree  
  • Minimum 2-5 years of work experience  
  • GMAT/GRE scores are typically necessary  

MiM degree vs MBA degree: Curriculum Focus 


  • Comprehensive focus on management theory  
  • Emphasizes organizational behavior, strategy, and leadership  
  • Incorporates case studies and group projects  

The curriculum for our Master in Management (MiM) is thoughtfully structured. In the first year, the focus is on providing insights into management. In the subsequent year, students have the opportunity to gain professional specialization, with a choice among 21 different professional specialization paths


  • Explores a broad spectrum of business-related topics  
  • Covers finance, marketing, operations, and more  
  • Offers opportunities for specialization  

Career Path and Advancement for MBA students and MiM students 


  • Entry-level positions in diverse industries  
  • Management roles in non-profit, government, and corporate sectors  


  • Mid-to-senior level management positions  
  • Leadership roles in various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and consulting  

A striking 97% of graduates from TBS’s Masters in Management program secure their first job within four months of graduation. This remarkable achievement contributes to our standing as one of the best business schools in Europe, as recognized by the Financial Times ranking.  Our program is ranked in 37 position worldwide.

International Perspective .Global Recognition and Mobility  


  • Gaining global recognition  
  • Ideal for roles in multinational corporations  


  • Globally recognized credential  
  • Widely accepted for high-level international roles

Networking Opportunities  


  • Access to a global network of early-career professionals and peers  


  • Connection to a diverse, experienced global network of alumni and professionals  


Choosing between MIM and MBA involves considering your career stage, goals, financial investment, and the specific benefits each program offers. Make an informed decision based on thorough research and self-assessment to ensure your educational investment yields substantial career advancement. 


What is the main difference between Master in Management and MBA?

The main difference lies in the experience requirement and the focus of the curriculum

Who should opt for Master in Management?

Early-career professionals or fresh graduates aiming for foundational management knowledge should opt for Master in Management. 

Is work experience necessary for MIM or MBA? 

MIM generally requires less work experience compared to MBA programs. 

Master in Management vs MBA. Which Program to Choose?

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