Carole Delga Occitania TBS Education-Barcelona

Yesterday the TBS Education-Barcelona campus held an event with Carole Delga, President of the Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region, as our guest on the occasion of her official visit to Catalonia. Olivier Ramadour, Consul General of France in Barcelona;  Jean-Philippe Fabregas, Deputy Consul of France in Barcelona; Stéphanie Lavigne, General Director of TBS Education; and Olivier Benielli, Campus Director of TBS Education-Barcelona also joined this act.

The visit focused on the close relationship between the Occitania region and Catalonia and Barcelona, highlighting the historical bonds that unite them, as well as the present and future motivations to collaborate in order to strengthen economic growth and coexistence, since Catalonia and this region located in the south of France share not only economic interests, but also tourism. In the same way, it is worth mentioning the presence of Occitan population residing in Barcelona.

Carole Delga Occitania TBS Education-Barcelona
Stéphanie Lavigne, Carole Delga and Olivier Benielli

The agenda

  • Campus tour: our visitors were offered a guided tour of the campus in order to show them our brand new facilities.
  • Meeting: Stéphanie Lavigne, Carole Delga, Olivier Ramadour and Jean-Philippe Fabregas met in our Executive Room to discuss several matters collectively.
  • Event at the Attic: Olivier Benielli, Director of the TBS Education-Barcelona campus, and Stéphanie Lavigne, General Director of TBS Education, kicked off the event welcoming our guests.

Olivier Ramadour highlighted the importance of the economic activity that takes place in Barcelona and Occitania as active areas.

Likewise, Carole Delga expressed the willingness to work collectively in order to preserve biodiversity, reduce the amount of plastic on the coasts, and thanked the work of TBS Education providing academic and professional excellence.

  • Flavours of Occitania: Finally, our guests enjoyed a cocktail with ingredients and meals from the Occitania region.
Carole Delga Occitania TBS Education-Barcelona

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