The Bachelor in Management classes of 2019 & 2020 are already graduated! The awarding of diplomas took place last Thursday 11th of June in virtual format due to health restrictions.

Helena Canadell was in charge of presenting the ceremony and leading all the interactive activities, which thanks to the online format allowed the graduates to participate in the event.

The ceremony began with a speech by Olivier Benielli, the director of the TBS in Barcelona Campus. “We are doubly proud of you. You are the promotions of resilience, it makes us proud and gives us the assurance that you will know how to meet the challenge that awaits us all: to build the sustainable world of tomorrow,” said Benielli addressing the students.

As during the previous graduation of the Master in Management and MSc students, the attendees were able to participate very actively in the event. For example, Canadell asked them to enter the name of the city or country from which they were following the ceremony. She also asked them to describe their TBS experience in a few words, which allowed the students’ phrases and memories to be projected on the screen. Between each speech, the videos with the students’ photographs were also projected, in order to offer a moment of prominence to each student, as if the diplomas were being handed to them.

Gabriel Zúñiga, director of studies, was in charge of giving the Openness, Agility, and Excelence Awards to the most outstanding students. The winners were:

  • Openness Award: Marta Soto
  • Agility Award: Max Cano
  • Excelence Award, class of 2019: Thao Chi Woo
  • Excelence Award, class of 2020: Leon Merse

Leon Merse, in addition to giving a speech of thanks, took the opportunity to present his new project, a YouTube channel where he expresses his concerns.

The most moving moment of the event was the remembrance of two Bachelor in Management students who have recently passed away: Philip Eckelman and Romy Fages.

Although graduates may have come full circle at TBS, that doesn’t mean their relationship with the school ends here. TBS offers them the opportunity to stay connected to the community and to their peers through Chapter Alumni, the TBS alumni network. Ines El Jamali presented all the advantages of being part of the association to the recent graduates, a network that will open many doors for them and make them feel at home anywhere in the world. “We are more than 40,000 potential friends and the TBS network is always on the move,” explained Ines El Jamali.

Patricia Bournet, director of the Bachelor program at TBS in Barcelona, also intervened and congratulated the students and gave them advice for the future. The event ended with a toast to celebrate the end of an unforgettable stage.

If you also want to be a part of TBS, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or one of our different MSc programs.

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