“During this pandemic, I think we all have a responsibility to act and try to contribute in our own way to get our lives back as soon as possible”, this is how the speech of Abdelhakim Boukabous starts.

Abdelhakim is a student of the MSc Marketing Management program at TBS in Barcelona and he is doing his internship at the communication agency Little Buddha. From there they have launched a social responsibility campaign called “Don’t let your guard down” (No bajemos la guardia). The objective of this non-profit project is to raise awareness about the need to remain careful during this period of de-escalated that concerns us, as well as to continue to pay attention to the measures established by WHO and governments.

From the mind of Boukabous was born the idea of this initiative “Let’s not let our guard down”, but he admits that it has evolved and improved thanks to the collaboration of several people until it became the interesting project that it is today. From the website www.nobajemoslaguardia.org, companies and individuals can download the #dontletyourguarddown campaign logo to use it in all kinds of communication materials, such as on their corporate pages, emails, social networks and even packaging of products.

At the moment, the project is fully developed in Spanish, but soon it will also be in English, French and in all the co-official languages of Spain: Catalan, Galician, Basque and Aranese.

“I really think this project is important when I look at the way people (at least in Barcelona) are behaving after they have confirmed that we can go out again, and I think that everyone needs efforts to understand that we are fighting a pandemic and that at no point we should take lightly what happened in the last 2 months, “says Abdelhakim.

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