Given the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the TBS campus in Barcelona has taken a series of measures in terms of capacity, hygiene, and collective responsibility that are set out below.

The current study mode at TBS in Barcelona is a face-to-face format, with students on campus but with reduced capacity and adjusted to those indicated by the authorities. In the same way, if a positive case or risk of contagion appears, the pertinent isolation measures can be taken to switch to a hybrid format if necessary.

At all times, both students and members of the staff and faculty must wear an FPP2 mask in the TBS facilities, as well as the prohibition of eating and drinking within the classes to avoid contagion.

Such steps are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our TBS community, as well as to show the school’s commitment to preventing expansion.


Access to the school

Is the campus open?

Can I access other TBS Education facilities in Barcelona?

What action guide is TBS Education following in Barcelona?

Admission to the Bachelor in Management, Master in Management and MSc programs

Can I continue my enrollment process normally?

I’m a prospective international student and I have an offer for September 2021, what happens if my travel plans are delayed due to COVID19 travel restrictions and I cannot get to TBS on time for my course start date?

I’m in semester Exchange, who should I contact to receive TBS assistance in Barcelona?


For students who are currently doing their internships

Am I authorized to work from home if the company where I do the internship offers me the possibility?

Should I follow the directions of the company?

If I feel insecure, can I finish my internship?

For students who have not yet started their intership

I have already signed my internship agreement, what should I do?

I have found a company to do my internship, what should I do?

For students who have not yet found their internship

Should I keep looking for a company to do my internship?


What are the preventive measures against the virus?

What if I have symptoms?

Should I inform the school if I have been with someone infected or who is part of the population at risk?

Am I medically covered in case of infection?


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