According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”,Barcelona is the ‘best city on the world.’ The Telegraph analyzed 50 cities around the world and concluded that “Barcelona combines all the appeal of Mediterranean cities: a relaxed lifestyle and pace, months of sunshine, excellent and unbeatable cuisine, with the cultural and design influence of almost any city in the cold north.”

The Catalan capital received 588 points out of a possible 810 points, 32 points more than Sydney, which finished second.
The list also includes two Spanish cities, Seville and Madrid, which are ranked 13th and 16th, respectively.

Barcelona’s gastronomy, culture, outdoor activities, and transportation received the highest marks in the research study, which was analyzed by travel industry experts and a survey of the newspaper’s readers.

The study published in the supplement ‘The Telegraph Travel”,’takes into account a wide range of factors, including the culture, history, and architectural elements of each location, as well as the number of five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. It also considered the cities’ practicality, pollution, and connectivity, such as the distance between the center and the airport, as well as the luxury and safety they provide to their residents and visitors.

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