Once again, the SESAME project was successfully carried out at our Barcelona campus, with the participation of two companies and 30 MSc students per company.

As this year’s partner company, we were joined by BTHT Partners, a specialist network of healthcare experts offering a tailored and flawless service to its clients, with Alexis Capelle as their representative. On the other hand, we had Oportunitas, a social microfinance company, which provides training and accompaniment, with Francesca Malizia, as their representative.


For 15 days, the two groups had the guidance of two TBS tutors and access to the representative of the company assigned.

During this time, the first phase was a presentation of the companies, giving the students the opportunity to clarify doubts according to their company. 

Afterwards, the second stage was a diagnostic phase where the students conducted a strategic market study, analyzing the position of the company according to its sector.

Finally, the project culminated with a recommendation report from the students, proposing strategic actions to benefit the growth of the company, in response to what the companies raised them previously.

Mission company BTHT Partners

  • What complementary services for its current client market segments, consulting, investment funds, banks and corporates would be best for BTHT to develop.
  • Other services that BTHT could offer its experts. Identify creative levers across all industries and justify their applicability to a network of health experts.
  • What economically viable ways exist of exploiting BTHT’s expert base differently, how to turn an expert base into a client base.
  • What are the financial and operational needs necessary to enable BTHT’s short and medium-term growth.

Mission company Oportunitas

  • How to better reach Oportunitas’ target group (customer acquisition).
  • What are social impact investors/ donors looking for.
  • Which other entities/organizations/etc. could refer potential clients to Oportunitas.
  • Clear mapping of potential investors/funds/grantmakers.

Company experiences

This whole project allows companies to consider possible forms of development in their organization, with viable strategies that they may not have considered before.

In the case of BTHT Partners, Alexis Capelle, was pleased with the results, he believes that students made good business models, with “great ideas that could be put in place ”, and explained this was an opportunity to look at things with “fresh eyes” from the students perspective. He also was quite amazed to see the performance of the students and their ability to answer any questions.

While Francesca Mazilia, from Oportunitas, considers that this project contributes ¨“quality insights, recommendations, and analysis to the company”, and explained they like the dianamic of ¨“receiving fresh ideas and inputs from students, as well as sharing with them the experience of social entrepreneurship and raise awareness about social microfinance.

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