Last Monday, our second-year Bachelor in Management students presented in front a small teachers’ assessment tribunal their group projects of a Concept Store, for the subject of Marketing Services included in the program.

The main idea of this activity is to introduce four fundamental bases on which a business must be sustained: business activity, location, dimensions of the physical space, and the customer experience. These items have been referred to as “cards” with which they must “play”, receiving four additional ones: two for costumer information, and two more for expert advice. Thus, with these eight cards, five groups of students explained their concept store.

The general trend has been to offer a commercial activity as something that goes far beyond what has already been experienced to consumers. In other words, all groups have focused on trying to provide an experience. It is also worth to mention that values such as sustainability, quality and exceptional customer service have been repeated in all presentations, which have not only been evaluated by the teachers’ assessment tribunal, but also by other fellow students.

This activity is just one example of the methodology used in TBS Education, consisting of a flexible evaluation for both teachers and students based on the combination of theoretical classes, teamwork, projects, as well as exams, exercises, essays, practical cases, or challenges in order to stimulate the development of students and their management and organizational skills.

In the same way, self-evaluation has also been a must in this activity, since, as already explained, the rest of the classmates have been able to evaluate the presentation of others (except their own) with the purpose of having an objective point of view towards other’s work and, consequently, provide feedback that contributes to the improvement of projects.

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