The 15th edition of the National Students’ Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD) will take place on 4 and 5 November. This is an initiative of the TBS Toulouse students, created by the students of the Bureau of Sustainable Development (B3D). The ANEDD reflects TBS’ commitment to environmental issues and student concerns, which are essential parts of the school’s educational project. The motto of this edition is “Now I Act”, a motto that emphasizes action.

Due to the health context, and in order to comply with all safety regulations, this year the ANEDD will be organized in two stages. The first series of online conferences will take place on 4 and 5 November. On the other hand, on 1 April, new conferences will take place, as well as 30 workshops, and the Eco-Awards ceremony.

The event, which has become a benchmark in France, led to the creation of the French Network of Students for Sustainable Development (REFEDD), which brings together more than 100 committed student associations.

“This annual meeting contributes to the visibility and influence of the students’ projects while instilling in them an open mind and sensitivity to the issues of today and tomorrow,” explains Patricia Aublet, Director of Social Transition at TBS. She also adds that the goal is to build significant bridges between the professional world and future graduates.
The 25 conferences will be free, in French and open to everyone, with specialists in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility attending. This year, the event will be 100% digital and accessible through ZOOM.

As for the agenda of the 15th edition of the ANEDD, the conferences will each day revolve around a theme related to sustainability. The first day will be dedicated to the theme of water: preservation of the oceans and solutions to safeguard them. The second day will focus on diversity issues: inclusion, social entrepreneurship, inequalities, climate policy, sustainable development… Finally, the last day, which will take place on 1 April 2021, will feature new conferences with experts and an eco-forum to exchange views on the reality of sustainable development.


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