New Barcelona Campus: TBS Education Global Expansion

The new home of the business school is located in 22@, the innovation and knowledge district of Barcelona.

The location of TBS Education in the city of Barcelona is not random. The Catalan capital is a cosmopolitan, innovative, and trend-setting city. In addition to the most reputable multinationals, Barcelona has established itself as a hotbed of ideas for entrepreneurs seeking to found new companies, positioning the city as a hub for start-ups nationally and in Europe and the world.

TBS Education is now moving to a new building of more than 8,000 square meters and seven floors, ready to accommodate more than 1,100 students and the entire TBS community.

Barcelona skyline
tbs campus barcelona

The faculty that will develop their activity in the new TBS Education spaces in Barcelona will focus their efforts on two objectives: to enhance the development of programs linked to the major strategic activities of the Barcelona region, and to contribute on the generation of research related to the major challenges of the territory.

Beyond that, the new innovative and fully eco-responsible facilities are designed to meet the needs of the entire educational community. From equipment for pedagogical innovation to dedicated spaces for partnerships, events, and an incubator: the new TBS Education campus in 22@ is prepared to be the home to a generation of talents.

With the opening of the doors of the new campus in 22@, TBS Education in Barcelona will continue its educational work in the city. The school’s current business programs – the Bachelor in Management degree, the Master in Management, 6 Masters of Science, and the short summer program TBS Summer School – will create tomorrow’s leaders, those ready to impact the world positively. From social responsibility to gender equality, TBS Education is committed to today’s society.

The Barcelona of Tomorrow

Marc Pascouau takes the floor and answers some questions about Barcelona and our Home of Tomorrow. What does this TBS Education student think about the future of the city?

  • How do you imagine the Barcelona of tomorrow?
  • What will the Barcelona of tomorrow need?

How does Mostefa Benabdessadok envision tomorrow’s entrepreneurship? He is a student at TBS Education – Barcelona and shares the school’s innovative and creative spirit.

  • How do you think the entrepreneurship of tomorrow will be like?
  • How does TBS Education promote entrepreneurship at school?

TBS Education – Barcelona student Paula Velasquez stands in front of the camera to explain what multiculturalism brings to both the school and the city.

  • What does this multicultural environment contribute to when studying on campus?How do you think being international can contribute to the Barcelona of tomorrow?

PhD Professor Diana Filipescu sits with us to explain what the talent of tomorrow’s Barcelona should look like. Her vision of the #HomeofTomorrow is indispensable in explaining the role of the Faculty in our school.

  • What qualities does the talent of tomorrow need?
  • How should tomorrow’s classes be like?

PhD professor Yancy Vaillant reflects on the future of our city from his valuable point of view as a researcher. His research contribution is key to understanding what our #HomeofTomorrow will look like.

  • From the perspective of your specialty, how do you imagine the city of tomorrow?
  • What value does your research contribute to tomorrow?

Emmanuel Anton, president of the TBS Alumni network, makes a bid for innovation and education to remind us of the important role our school plays in the city. 

  • How do you imagine the Barcelona of tomorrow regarding social progress?
  •  What do Barcelona and Society need to achieve gender equality?