• Status: Student
  • Current country: Canada

My name is Léa Roussy, I am a 22-year-old student from the Université Laval in Quebec City (Canada), and I’m currently completing my last bachelor’s year in management at TBS Education – Barcelona. I have always had a strong interest in marketing, that’s why I decided to specialize in digital marketing at TBS Education.

For the past few years, I have been drawn toward business. Management is a field brimming with innovation, opportunity, and challenge. I have always had a strong interest in consumer behavior and market trends, and want to learn how to reach consumers in a positive and meaningful way. After my studies, I would like to work in business development as a commercial trade agent. Specializing in marketing will allow me better to understand the market from a strategic point of view.

Barcelona is a city rich in culture, and the people are so welcoming. There is always something to do here: whether it’s a festival, museums, or markets or enjoying the day at the beach, there is no way you can’t enjoy your time here! Being able to study here is truly a dream. TBS Education is a renowned school, and one of my favorite things about this TBS Education is the fact that the teachers have a lot of different experiences. They share useful tools that will help us in our real-life jobs, and our projects are practical and relevant. Furthermore, I related to the established values and was eager to work in a new sustainable campus.

The new TBS Education campus in Barcelona

tbs education new campus in Barcelona

What I like the most about the new campus is the different workspace. There are casual places, great private workspaces, and a lot of rooms to work with a team. The new campus is modern and full of natural light, which is motivating. The fact that it’s innovative and fully eco-responsible stands out from the other Universities.

My experience has been amazing so far. I met experienced teachers and many inspiring international students, and I have been working on practical projects. Studying abroad has allowed me to open my horizons to the world of business and learn new learning techniques. I know I will have gained a lot of confidence and maturity from this experience. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m so glad I did it here!

TBS Education in three words? Inspiring, dynamic, and innovative.

Léa Roussy - TBS Barcelona

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