TBS Education receives the Babson Collaborative Spotlight Award for its entrepreneurial seminar.

Every year, the Babson Collaboration Network brings together higher education institutions from around the world that put entrepreneurship at the center of their goals. In addition, it awards the member schools of the organization the prestigious Babson Collaborative Spotlight award, for excellence and innovation in entrepreneurial education. This award is given through the so-called SEMIS (Business Initiation Seminar) event, a week of educational innovation that allows the birth of innovative ideas and puts students in a situation of learning by experimentation. TBS Education has deserved, thanks to the work of its students, of the Babson Collaborative Spotlight Award.

On this occasion, up to 64 teams with 523 students competed for 4 days and in 4 challenges for victory. In the case of TBS Education, the problems that were studied were:

  • Collaboration development of TBS student associations.
  • The reinvention of the uses of the Toulouse Lascrosses campus.
  • Awareness of discrimination in student life.
  • Rethinking the Food Supply at TBS.


Excellence in business training at TBS is thus once again rewarded

Obtaining this distinction is a true recognition for TBS Education, which continues to be a pioneer in the panorama of French business schools in establishing such devices. Created 3 years ago, SEMIS shakes up classical learning methods and redefines the student/teacher relationship.

One more recognition

Two TBS students also received the first Global Student Challenge award for developing an alternative of material from biological origin to animal leather, created from grape marc and biopolymers. Rodolphe Mondin and Julien Houssieux, 3rd year Bachelor students (Innovation path) presented and won with their Mondin project in front of 16 other international participants. Currently, in the research and development phase, the two Bachelor TBS winners have joined TBSeeds, the school’s incubator.

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