For the past two years, students have been invited to embark on a transformative journey through an innovative course focused on digital distribution in the Fashion and Luxury Industry. Central to this course is the development of eCommerce projects, with students tasked with creating Digitally Native Brands (DNBs) from scratch. Through this hands-on approach, students delve deep into the intricacies of brand building, digital marketing, and consumer engagement, gaining invaluable insights and practical experience along the way.

This year marked the second iteration of the course, with students once again tasked with developing eCommerce projects within the Fashion and Luxury Industry. Armed with a clear vision and guided by a comprehensive Vision-Strategy-Action Plan (VSA), students set out to create DNBs that not only catered to the needs and desires of consumers but also reflected their own unique perspectives and aspirations.

Company profile Wellnes Connect

In an effort to simulate real-world scenarios and promote cross-cultural collaboration, students were organized into multicultural groups, each tasked with bringing their collective talents and expertise to the table. The result was a diverse tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and approaches, reflecting the rich tapestry of the global fashion landscape.

Among the standout projects was “Wellness Connect,” a subscription-based platform designed to revolutionize the delivery of health and wellness services. Led by a team of talented individuals—Inès Dupeyroux, Laura Labetouille, Manal Munawwar, Sol Yern Garcia, and Kehan Liu—Wellness Connect captured the imagination of both peers and professors alike with its innovative approach and visionary outlook.

Below is an exclusive interview with the Wellness Connect team, offering insights into their project and the journey that led them to success:

Interview with the Wellness Connect team:

1. Could you briefly explain what your project “Wellness Connect” is about?

Wellness Connect is a subscription-based platform designed to improve how health and wellness services are delivered to consumers.

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Our vision is to transform the wellness industry by offering premium online subscriptions. We are guided by values that emphasize customer health and well-being, maintaining high-quality standards, promoting sustainability, and adhering to ethical business practices.

Our mission is to make wellness more accessible through flexible subscription options, top-quality products, and community involvement through social media and partnerships with influencers.

2. What led you to choose the theme of wellness, and how did you integrate it into your eCommerce project?

We chose the theme of wellness for our eCommerce project because the health and wellness sector is experiencing significant growth. Increasingly, people are becoming more conscious of their health and are actively seeking ways to improve it. This upward trend in consumer interest makes wellness a compelling area to focus on.

Furthermore, our team shares a passion for wellness, making it an ideal topic for us to explore. We believe that by developing an eCommerce platform centered around themes that resonate with us, we can create a more engaging and innovative project. This personal connection to the theme allows us to bring enthusiasm and a deeper understanding to our business approach.

3. Could you describe the vision behind “Wellness Connect” and what makes it unique compared to other similar projects?

The vision behind ‘Wellness Connect’ is to offer a highly personalized wellness experience that caters to individual needs and preferences. Unlike other similar projects in the market, we tailor our wellness offerings through a personalized basket selection process.

When a new customer visits our website, they are asked to complete a brief questionnaire that explores their wellness routines, interests, and goals. Based on their responses, we recommend a customized basket that aligns with their current needs. These baskets can range from wellness-focused to fitness-oriented, and even eco-friendly options, allowing customers to choose the path that suits them best.

This personalized approach sets us apart from existing competitors, allowing us to create a unique experience that resonates with customers on a deeper level. By focusing on individual needs and offering tailored solutions, ‘Wellness Connect’ becomes a more competitive and innovative choice in the wellness eCommerce market.

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4. How do you feel about the recognition you’ve received?

We are deeply honored by the recognition we have received. It not only affirms our team’s hard work and dedication but also strengthens our resolve to continue improving and innovating ourselves. Each recognition serves as a reminder of the impact our project can have and motivates us to persist in our mission to make wellness accessible to everyone. We are grateful for the acknowledgment from our peers and the professors, as it encourages us to uphold our high standards and strive for excellence in everything we do.

This recognition not only boosts our team’s morale but also increases our visibility and credibility within the community, allowing us to reach a broader audience. This support is invaluable in attracting more who share our vision for a healthier future. It also opens up opportunities for further development of ourselves, which are essential for bringing our innovative ideas to life. We are excited to see how far we can go with the encouragement and backing of such a supportive network.

5. What was the biggest challenge in developing “Wellness Connect,” and how did you overcome it as a team?

One of the biggest challenges we faced in developing ‘Wellness Connect’ was determining the right pricing strategy for our products. It was crucial for us to find a price point that reflected the quality and value of our offerings, especially since our target audience includes millennials aged between 30 and 42, who are health-conscious, fitness enthusiasts, and interested in holistic wellness. We were concerned that setting the prices too low might lead potential customers to perceive our products as low quality, which could deter our target demographic.

To address this challenge, we conducted thorough market research to understand the pricing strategies of competitors and the expectations of our target audience. We also engaged in focus group discussions and gathered feedback through surveys to better align our prices with consumer perceptions of value and quality.

As a team, we worked closely to analyze this data and adjust our pricing model to strike the right balance between affordability and premium positioning. This careful consideration and adaptive strategy allowed us to position ourselves competitively in the market, attracting customers who trust in the quality of our products and are willing to invest in their wellness through our platform. Through this collaborative approach, we were able to overcome the pricing challenge and continue to build a trusted and valued service for our users.

6. What do you hope to achieve with “Wellness Connect” in the short and long term?

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In the short term, our primary goal for ‘Wellness Connect’ is to establish a strong foundation of trust and reliability with our users. We aim to grow our subscriber base by consistently delivering high-quality products and personalized experiences that resonate with the needs of health-conscious millennials. We also plan to focus on strengthening our community engagement through social media and influencer partnerships, which will help us expand our reach and brand recognition.

For the long term, we aspire to become a leading name in the wellness industry, known for revolutionizing the way wellness services are delivered. We envision expanding our product range and subscription options to include a wider variety of health and wellness products that cater to different aspects of holistic well-being. Additionally, we aim to leverage technological advancements to enhance user experience and integration, making wellness practices more accessible to people across different regions. Ultimately, our goal is to foster a global community that values and prioritizes wellness, creating a substantial impact on the way people manage their health and well-being.

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