Our MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management students   had the opportunity to develop an action plan to increase French Market in the Maritime Museum and promote cultural tourism in the city.

As part of the course, students were challenged to present a marketing proposal in a real case scenario in the tourism field. All of this was done in one week under the guidance of their teacher Deborah Carrer.

Everything started with a visit of the MMB with Miquel Lopez and Ana Vico from the Education and Activities Area and ended the day in a meeting with Elisenda Joan, who runs the Museum´s reservations. The next day  the students were provided with all the documentation they required the day before in the MMB, and had a week  to work by their own with the propousal.

Finally, the project came to an end with a formal presentation at the MMB offices, where the students explained how to set up their plan and received feedback from the museum members, who really liked the idea.

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