TBS Education in Barcelona’s CAP Management project won yesterday the ‘Coup de Coeur du public’ (public’s favorite) award at the 4th edition of the TBS Education Innovation Awards. The initiative competed against 9 other innovative projects of the school in the framework of the TBS Innovation Day.

The winners

  • Grand Prize, presented by Stéphanie LAVIGNE: The Blind Search, with Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Cameron Guthrie and Dorothée Thibaut.
  • Coup de Coeur du Public (Audience Favorite Award), presented by Martin Venzal: CAP MANAGEMENT (Clinical Approaches for Management Professionals), with Wafa Khlif and Fabien Pecot from TBS Education in Barcelona.
  • Jury’s Favorite Award, presented by Nadia Pellefigue: International Consulting 5.0 Seminar, with Jessica Buckley Chagnard, Margot Coutaud, Lucia Serafina Scioscia, and Justine Theau.


The project that most pleased the audience of the Innovation Awards was CAP Management, born from the work of two permanent professors of TBS Education in Barcelona: Fabien Pecot and Wafa Khlif.

“Teaching and research in management need more clinical activities (spending time with managers who have problems). CAP Management is a pilot project in Barcelona to test a way to implement a clinical activity for teacher-researchers and students at all levels”, reveal Fabien Pecot and Wafa Klif, authors of the project.

“This award confirms the support given to us by TBS Education from the beginning to develop this pilot project. We dedicate it to the 30 students who had the courage to join and experiment with this without knowing where we were going at the beginning”, they highlight.

And now, what awaits us with CAP Management? They explain it themselves: “Now it is time to reflect on what we have learned this year in order to consolidate the project next year. The idea is to professionalize and confirm the results of the pilot to be able to expand to other campuses in a couple of years.”

Congratulations everybody and, specifically, Fabien Pecot and Wafa Khlif.

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