Pharmacies throughout Catalonia are distributing, from Monday, March 4, reusable menstrual products for free. You can choose between a cup, menstrual panties, or a pair of reusable pads.

To collect them, they only have to be exchanged for a personal QR code that will be found in the personal space of the application La Meva Salut.

The 3,284 pharmacies in Catalonia are collaborating in the action, which will also provide advice to facilitate the choice of the product that best suits the needs of each person.

The action is part of the Integral Plan of menstrual equity and climacteric 2023-2025. The action is also aimed at non-binary people and trans* men who menstruate.

Around 9,000 tons of non-reusable menstrual products are produced each year in Catalonia.

How to get the code

  • The QR code will appear in the What’s New: My period, my rules section of the digital health space La Meva Salut (either via website or mobile application).
  • If the cell phone application is used, it must be updated.
  • If the QR code does not appear, a form has been enabled in the same application to request it.

Product pick-up

  • The delivery of the product will be immediate, provided that the pharmacy has units available.
  • If the pharmacy does not have units available, it can be ordered and will be available within 48 hours.
  • Once the reservation has been made at the pharmacy, the QR code will be temporarily blocked, until you go to pick it up at the same pharmacy where you ordered it.

When you can pick it up

  • The QR code will be active in the My Health space as long as the product has not been ordered from the pharmacy and once the product has been delivered it will be deactivated.
  • It does not expire and will be available until 2025.

Resolving doubts

Two specific communication lines have been set up:

Conditions to have La Meva Salut card or application:

  • Have a NIE and be registered in Catalonia                        
  • Have a DNI and be affiliated with the National Institute of Social Security.              

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