Yanis Lammari, alumnus of TBS Education, has recently been around our campus to tell us about his current activity in the field of solidarity in business, due to his involvement as the founder and director of Youth ID, an NGO born in 2017 seeking for young voices to speak up in order to take action and empower initiatives and young decision-makers.

Lammari’s main task in Youth ID is managing a team of employees and young people to do different solidarity projects intended to the youth around the world. Moreover, Yanis Lammari is also a professional trainer and facilitator for different target groups, such as civil servants, prisoners, social or youth workers, as well as a professor in different schools, including TBS Education.

Changes in solidarity and business

Being born in Algiers (Algeria) and growing up in Paris (France), Yanis Lammari realized how different both sides of the Mediterranean Sea are, both locations with positive and negative sides, which, later on, particularly during his studies at TBS Education, made him decide that he would like to take part of international solidarity.

However, he did several internships with international organizations, such as the United Nations or some programs of the European Union, but he discovered that he wanted a closer contact with people and get to know them and their personal stories. This led to the foundation of Youth ID as a project to rise the impact of young people coming from different backgrounds.

“It is a useful way for us to try to train a new generation. We [Youth ID] are doing different workshops to help young people, for example, to calculate their own carbon footprint, and to understand what it is a carbon footprint and how to reduce it.”

Yanis Lammari

Lack of professionals in solidarity

Regarding to solidarity in business, Lammari believes that there is a lack of professionals involved, both in education and in the business field. He has proved by himself that there are plenty of opportunities for business students and established professionals, since NGOs have been evolving in the last couple of years and need support in terms of human resources, logistics and financial matters, among others.

“I am very happy to know that solidarity topics are becoming more and more important in the public debate, education, private sector… Unfortunately, it is still not enough, and we need to take it more serious and encourage more people to dedicate their full-time activities for positive changes.”

Yanis Lammari

Future expectations of Youth ID

Yanis Lammari’s expectations of Youth ID gravitate around higher the expectations of NGOs and social sectors by showing and proving that it is a real career with a positive impact and good working conditions, just as any other full-time job.

Moreover, Youth ID is willing to strengthen connections between cities.

 “We are also developing our new offices in Barcelona and Algiers. We would like to create regular connections and links between Paris- Barcelona- Algiers.”

Yanis Lammari

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