• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

After my baccalaureate, I was able to join the TBS Bachelor program. During my Bachelor’s degree, I was able to go to the TBS Barcelona campus for the first time to take courses on entrepreneurship. After this Bachelor, I was able to join TBS again to continue my studies and to focus on corporate finance. 

I stayed at TBS because I like it there. As much in the school as in the city. There are several variables to consider and it is at TBS where I feel comfortable.

I joined PGE in September 2019. I did my first semester on the Toulouse Lascross campus. It was a first semester very rich in meetings. In 2020 I did my gap year. I did two 6-month internships. The first one in management control in a company in Toulouse. The second one in the Mars group, for a brand of the petcare segment, Royal Canin, as an assistant of financial co-pilot. 

In January 2021, I had to leave for an expatriation. The global health situation made this expatriation impossible. I had the chance, thanks to TBS, to choose between several other destinations. Having already been to the Barcelona campus during my bachelor’s degree, I chose to return to this campus. 

This semester, I chose to take the BIG Data courses. It’s a choice because I’m glad I made it. I leave with the Cisco certification and a lot of knowledge about AI and the use of many tools like Python, R studio, Tables. It’s a semester that allows me to enrich my resume during this period of looking for a work placement. Indeed I wish to realize my last year of study in alternation. Despite the covid, I went, like many students, to the TBS campus and chose the face-to-face courses. 

It was a wise choice in my opinion. Even if all the courses were at distance. I was able to meet new people, to change my mind in another environment and especially to rest after this very trying gap year. 

We are about a hundred students on site. We were able to organize many beach volleyball and other outings and evenings in the city. All the while paying attention to the sanitary rules. Here life is easier. The cost of living is lower, the restaurants are open between noon and two, and the stores too. 

I was able to do two internships of 6 months each before coming to Barcelona. It was quite strange. Indeed, I knew the first and the second internship confinement. The companies I was in were always benevolent and that’s when I realized that it is also important to be surrounded by “human” people. My two internships went very well. However, doing a year in a company without counting the hours, with a student job on weekends on my first internship, I came out of this year washed out. 

With the hindsight I have now on this year, I decided to do an alternate because it is for me a chance to accumulate an additional year of experience and I tell myself that during this rather particular context I am better in a company to work than alone in an apartment. 

TBS provides us with all the fundamentals necessary to work in a company. The experience in a company allows us to put them into practice and to discover other more concrete, more factual aspects that we do not learn from books.

In the short term, I see myself joining a large group in a few months to complete my last year of study. After that, I would like to join a graduate program. In the longer term, I see myself coming back to school but this time to share my experience and if possible help students.

Despite the Covid-19, my experience on the TBs Barcelona campus was, given the global health situation, more than good. Sadly, the courses were at a distance but I fully understand the organizational complicity. TBS did its best to provide us with distance learning and to find a solution to ensure my university abroad. For these reasons, I am very happy to be doing my Master’s at TBS.

cyril arnalis tbs testimonial

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