• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

I chose TBS because having done my L3 at TBS Toulouse, the choice of TBS Barcelona was quite natural. However, my choice of the specialization named “digital transformation” was more thoughtful! Indeed, I think that this program, although quite broad, represents exactly what the world of tomorrow will be. How to adapt what we know today with the technologies of tomorrow. It is, for me, essential knowledge for most of the jobs of the future. So, I said to myself that during my professional career this training would necessarily be useful. Moreover, wishing to work either in digital communication or in the purchase of goods (I still have to think about it) this specialization brought me a lot of tools and methods that I will need throughout my professional career.  

Concerning my experience at TBS in Barcelona, It was 100% online during this year. Compared to my L3, I would say that it lacked the lively and human side that is so strong at TBS, be it in the associations or the physics courses. However, TBS proposed a very satisfactory pedagogical accompaniment, quick and fluid answers to emails. I would say that the COVID arc was well managed by the school.

Soon, I plan to a 4 months internship from September to December in Toulouse or Paris depending on offers and opportunities. Then I would like to go abroad from January to August for a 6 months internship. I hope to do an internship in digital communication and another one as a buyer to concretize my choice of career path. Finally, for my M2 I plan to do it in alternation. 

I am not greatly affected emotionally by the confinement or COVID. I can put things in perspective, and I still have loved ones I can call if I need them. So, I would say that this period went pretty well for me, added to that the fact that I think the school managed the educational level pretty well. I’m still looking forward to getting back to a stable situation! 

julien baptista de abreu tbs testimonial

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