• Status: Student
  • Current country: Russia

My name is Daria and I am from Russia. I am 17 years old and I am finishing my first year of Bachelor in Management here at TBS in Barcelona. I chose TBS because I speak Spanish fluently. Also, I liked Barcelona and I liked the opportunity the school gave me to visit three countries in three years. Next year I plan to spend a semester as an exchange student, but I don’t know where yet. Then, in my third year, I want to study in Toulouse.

The experience at TBS Barcelona has been quite good this year with the hybrid format classes. The teachers, the subjects and the teamwork have gone quite well. We have also been able to carry out some projects related to citizen service. Despite the circumstances, we had a great time.

What I like most about Barcelona is probably the sun. I come from Russia and for me to have this good weather every day and to be able to go to the beach is a great luxury. Now they have also opened Barcelona and we can visit other cities.

I haven’t done any internship yet, but I plan to start an internship in June-July, in South Africa in fact, in a security company.

Despite the Covid-19, the experience has been very good. It is true that at the beginning it was a bit difficult to get used to the changes, to study from home, for example. Fortunately, we were able to give classes in a hybrid format and maintain face-to-face attendance to a certain extent. Also, I had Covid-19, with very mild symptoms, but I had to quarantine. Luckily I don’t live alone and the confinement wasn’t too bad.


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