The TBS-organised competition that merges art and business

Does art have a place within the business world? “Well, of course!” says Killian Dervieux, TBS student and Vice President of student artistic competition Trophée des Arts.

Trophée des Arts is an artistic competition created in 2005 in which around 900 students from French business schools submit pieces that fall within one of nine categories: writing, dancing, short film, improvisation theatre, classical theatre, graphic arts, concerts, classical music and freestyle. “The organisation was originally created within TBS’ artistic department, but in 2018 it became an independent entity due to its growth”, points out Dervieux.

A long weekend in Catalonia

For the 2019 edition of the competition, which took place on March 28th to 31st, participants assembled in Barcelona, Tarragona and Salou in order to perform and deliver their submissions. Killian Dervieux explains, “we want to keep and reinforce the bond between TBS’ Barcelona and Toulouse campuses”.

Artistic creativity meets business

“In the business world, most out-of-school events are usually sport or party related”, says Trophée des Arts VP, “so this is a way to shine a light on these 20-year-olds’ creativity and promote artistic values in the business world”.

Can there be business-related benefits derived from art? Killian certainly thinks so: “The presence of all forms of art in companies is essential for team cohesion, for openness to the world, tolerance, open-mindedness, respect, those values that we defend fervently and hold dear to our hearts. This is why artistic creativity and business come together”.

A cross-country challenge

According to the TBS student, organising a competition than spans all-across France is nothing short of difficult: “There are many challenges. Logistics, service providers, language barriers (when organising the trip to Barcelona)…” But it is all worth it to the organising team: “For the members of the Trophée des Arts, organising this event is a huge opportunity in terms of project management, logistics or partnerships”.


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