Always present at the most important fairs and events on the calendar, TBS in Barcelona did not miss the Paris West Fair on Saturday, September 18th, an online appointment directed to some of France’s most recognized international high schools. TBS was invited to participate in the workshop: Advantages and challenges of multicampus universities.

Margarita Servera, Head of Admissions and Development of the TBS campus in Barcelona, ​​gave a presentation together with the universities of Berkeley (United States) and Sciences Po (France) that dealt with the international experience that the choice of a university entails for students.

Multicampus experience: one year in each country

In the dialogue, raised the different routes offered by this type of university, either through the double diploma system or, as in the case of TBS in Barcelona, ​​offering the possibility to students of the Bachelor in Management program to spend each one of the three years of the degree at one of the school’s campuses or one of the more than 110 partner universities.

Margarita Servera also underlined that the TBS in Barcelona campus is known for its international atmosphere. It is, without a doubt, the ideal school to meet colleagues from all over the world, establish a broad professional network, and take the first steps in the job market thanks to the compulsory internships that students do each year of the program.


The benefits of a double diploma

As in the relationship between Berkeley and Sciences Po, at TBS in Barcelona, the possibility of obtaining a double diploma is also offered in the third year of the program, through agreements with some universities. From Japan to Canada to Korea to Germany, a double-degree catapults opportunities in the job market for students.

From TBS, Servera clarified in his turn to speak that “if students seek academic excellence, few options are better than obtaining a double degree. Spending time at a partner university and learning about the cultural diversity it offers is a great way to enhance a professional CV. For this reason, we like to underline the importance of the double diploma when it comes to receiving more transversal learning from different points of view.”

BCN TBS Paris West Fair

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