Yesterday, our campus hosted the Breakfast #171 of the 22@Network’s Talent Commission, the network of companies and entities that thrive for development, prosperity and leadership of the 22@ District as one of the most innovative areas in southern Europe and in the world. TBS Education-Barcelona is one of the members of this association.

Yesterday’s event was especially focused on the recruitment and retention of talent by the Talent Commission, in which TBS Education-Barcelona fits as an example of academic and international talent since the inauguration of the new campus in the district.

This act started with the welcoming of Delphine Arnau, head of Corporate Relations & Career Services of our campus, who explained the importance of being in a favorable environment for TBS Education-Barcelona students to be trained as managers of the future with a vision of sustainability and social values, thus turning our school into more than just a company on a mission.

The event

The conference was held in the Aula Magna, where several members of the Talent Commission participated:

  • Enric Urreta, president of the 22@Network, emphasized on how essential it is to discuss and establish strategies for attracting and retaining talent, as it is something that not only marks the present, but plays a key role in urban planning, policies and development of the city of Barcelona.
  • Narcís Berenguer, Manager of Nala and member of the Talent Commission of the 22@Network, spoke about the different actions that are being carried out to turn the district into a European and international hub by creating synergies between partners or collaborations between the public and private entities.
  • Sara Díaz, Director of Fomento del Talento Digital en Barcelona Activa, presented the Barcelona Talent Map, briefly reviewing three fundamental factors: the creation of talent, its development, and its loyalty. The figures and conclusions drawn from this map have been provided by LinkedIn, which has made it possible to study 1.8 million profiles in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona due to their partnership and involvement in this project.
  • Mar Velasco, Communication and Talent Engagement Manager at LLYC has broken down different difficulties that talent faces in the context of uncertainty that we are currently going through as the paradigm has changed: “Now it is the employees who choose the companies.”
  • Isabel Sabadí, Executive Director of 22@Network BCN, concluded the event by presenting the latest news from the district and the three new partners of the association: Ovuity, Human Leadership, and LivestreamBcn.

Finally, our guests from 22@Network were treated to breakfast at the Attic.

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