Knowing yourself. One of the most confusing yet vital concepts to identify in order to succeed. 

Entrepreneurship senior undergraduates from triple-accredited TBS were assigned a project, which required them to step out of their comfort zone. Gifted with the privilege to meet young entrepreneur and TBS alumnus Leon Merse, students were asked to create content for his YouTube channel.

The video addresses the importance of knowing yourself in order to succeed in life. This perplexing subject was explained in an entertaining way. Harvard graduate, Fred Harrison, fails to get the desired job position despite his impressive academic achievements. The reason for his rejection lies in his answers to the cube game, an old Japanese method to define your true self. Even though the questions seem nonsensical, the player’s responses reveal a lot about his or her personality and way of thinking. 

Having worked intensively on the production over the past week, students faced challenges such as dividing roles, organizing the logistics, coming up with the idea, procuring shooting equipment, editing, developing a promotion strategy, and managing time pressure. The activity’s purpose is for students to get to know each other and their work ethic, taking into account the multiculturality of the class. Moreover, the fact of working outside of your comfort zone under pressure unveils a lot about one’s character and mindset, which are both essential when forming groups for the forthcoming group works. However, this project will not only benefit TBS students but it is also expected to have a great impact on the international audience visiting Leon Merse’s channel. 

The video is interactive and encourages the audience to think about what they would have answered if attending the interview, the majority would have anticipated the typical questions asked and would have come prepared. After watching the video, however, the viewer is expected to pause for a moment and spend some time reflecting on their qualities and who they really are as human beings. 

In order to take a step towards living your best life, it is essential to fully recognize your personality traits and make them your driving force. The cube game isn’t the sole way of finding out “who you really are”; there are many other techniques that are designed to help in the discovering process of one’s character. Instead of trying to please everyone or trying to fit in, one should embrace its uniqueness.

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