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Hi! My name is Victoria Salguero and I am a Bachelor in Management student at TBS Barcelona. 

To be honest, I can’t really pinpoint the exact reason why I chose TBS. For me, it was truly an intuitive decision. When I started looking at colleges after graduation and found TBS Barcelona, I felt that it had everything I was looking for. Going to this university offered me an international experience, the chance to meet new people, the option to learn new languages and perfect the ones I already knew, as well as a familiar academic environment and a broad range of courses covering the topic of Business Management. 

This bachelor program was particularly appealing to me because it allowed me to explore the whole field of Business Management led by professors with extensive expertise on the various areas of it. Other elements that called my attention were the possibility to choose a Career Path in the third year, and the option to do one semester abroad in a Partner University. 

Living in Barcelona has been an utterly amazing experience. The city has a life of its own; it is always vibrant, filled with joy and people from all over the world. You will never get bored living here. As a student, I found it overall as such an easy place to adapt to. 

Besides having lived in Barcelona, I am currently living in Germany doing my semester abroad, which has also been a really cool adventure.

Something I have learned is that theory and practice, although complementary, are completely different ways to gain knowledge. That is why, the fact that TBS includes work experience in the academic outline through internships is another big advantage. 

I worked as a Social Media Content Intern in my second year, which gave me the perfect space to apply the knowledge I had, look at it from a different perspective, learn many new skills and start shaping the career path I want to follow in the future.

The Covid-19 Pandemic was a very unfortunate event, no doubt; but despite it all, a quick adaptation made it possible for us to continue our studies smoothly. The school was very responsive and made it easy to study at a distance. 

After my first two years studying the diverse fields of Business Management, I have found a strong interest in the area of Marketing. In the future I plan to pursue a career in Digital Marketing while continuing to live in Barcelona. 

Overall, I am very satisfied with my decision to do my studies in TBS Barcelona. This experience has opened many doors for me, not only on an academic and professional level but personally as well.

Victoria Salguero

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