• Status: Student
  • Current country: Italy

My name is Gabriele, and I am studying the MSc International Business program at TBS in Barcelona.

This has been my first experience in TBS. I am currently pursuing the second year of a triple master’s degree in Global Industrial Management. The reason why I chose the master’s in International Business is to strengthen my business acumen while having an international mindset. I believe this course provided me with a strong skill set for my professional future.

My first experience in TBS has been positive. After roughly seven months of home confinement, I was for the first time able to physically attend class. (Yes, the happiness of going back to class was a surprise for me as well, but true indeed.) Unfortunately, this possibility did not last for long as government restrictions kicked in. Although the unfortunate situation, due to the Covid-19 impact, TBS managed to provide exceptional educational service even online.

Talking about Barcelona, it is a city worth living in. I fell in love with its natural attractions, from a sandy beach developing all along the coast, to the lush mountains surrounding it. Walking around the streets of the centre, the atmosphere feels young and vibrant. Locals here appreciate spending the time outdoors as it is often sunny, and temperatures are mild. I leveraged this opportunity to learn to speak Spanish. This is becoming possible thanks to the fact that I chose to live only with Spanish speaking people.

To conclude, this will probably be my last university studying experience, and I am glad I spent it here, in a beautiful place, surrounded by brilliant international friends.

Gabriele Romagnoli

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