• Status: Student
  • Current country: Sweden

Hallå! My name is Jacob Nihlén, I am from Stockholm, Sweden, and I’m a student of the Bachelor in Management at TBS in Barcelona.

I decided quite early on that I would pursue my university studies abroad. Having been within a radius of 1 km from kindergarten to high school, with little change of people around, I felt like it was time for me to explore something different, something that would help me grow. The biggest reasons for going with the Business in Management at TBS in the end is probably due to its international environment and the hands-on approach from the professors.

My experience at TBS has so far been great! Of course I was slightly nervous when first stepping through the doors, new school, new people and a totally different school system. Concluding my first two years at TBS, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve made friends for life, from all over the world and of course picked up a lot of new knowledge from the many experienced professors. During my first year I was a TBS ambassador, which implied helping out at different events around TBS and currently I’m in the Talent Program which gives many different fun opportunities around school. 

I’m in Barcelona now and have spent all two years at the campus here, and it’s difficult not to enjoy yourself in this city, there’s something for everyone, mountains and beaches, football fields and skiing possibilities just a bit outside of Barcelona! Of course the nightlife is fantastic and offers something for every taste, bars, restaurants & nightclubs. But being from Sweden, it’s been fantastic to have such proximity to snow and mountains in Andorra, and being able to hike in Mont Rebei and Tibidabo among other beautiful tracks nearby. Going around Barcelona is also quite cheap with bus and train. 

I worked for 4 years before coming to Barcelona, first as a Loan Advisor at Zensum AB and later with sales at Nova Talent, which I also went back to for my first internship. Currently I’m having my first taste of working in a different country at netRivals, a Barcelona-based start up. I’ve only been there for two weeks, but so far it’s been a great experience! 

After TBS I want to continue working abroad for a couple of years, maybe explore some of the cities where my new friends from TBS originate from? We’ll see where the road takes me. But in the end, I do see myself living in Sweden, hopefully working at a company I’ve created myself. I’m a big sports fanatic, so hopefully something connected to that. 

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic my experience has remained intact! Although being in lockdown for 2 months wasn’t fantastic, at least the weather was better than in Sweden! Online classes were difficult, but I have to give credit to TBS for the way they handled it with hybrid classes. Making it possible to still have some social life and meet new people. Life during covid-19 has been tough but it was made easier by all the amazing friends I’ve made at TBS! 

Jacob Nihlén - TBS Barcelona

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