• Status: Student
  • Current country: Georgia

I am 19 years from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and I am a student of first year of Bachelor in Management.

I came to TBS Education because it was my dream. I first discovered TBS Busines School 3 years ago at Educational Fear, organized by UK Bridge, in Tbilisi. There, I had an opportunity to talk with representatives of other universities too who offered similar programs, but TBS Education impressed me the most. My first impression became even stronger when I did my research of TBS Education and other universities through resources I was able to find at the web. I have always been interested on how people work in hotels or restaurants, and I have always wanted to know how they manage two different things together, what type of service they have… It also gives an opportunity to learn different cultures and languages, which will be helpful for my future profession. I also chose Barcelona campus because 60% of first year students are international, it gives the opportunity to learn all the fundamental subjects in business and, at the same time, provides the opportunity to make proper specialization with its strong internship program. 

I really enjoy my first week in Barcelona in the campus, because first weeks are really interesting. I really like our teachers and their lessons, I honestly can say that my classmates are great, because  I always feel that they are my family and I can trust them. 

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