Yesterday took place the awarding of the TBS in Barcelona Master in Management and MSc diplomas. The event took place virtually and brought together two promotions of students: the classes of 2019 and 2020 since last year they were unable to celebrate their graduation.

Helena Canadell was in charge of presenting the ceremony, which had simultaneous translation into English and French. In addition to allowing follow-up in different languages, virtuality also brought innovation to the event. For example, it enabled students to actively participate in the graduation even though they were far away. At the start, Canadell showed the students a QR code to access an application to enter the participatory activities and encouraged them to enter their name and profile picture.

Then Olivier Benielli, director of the TBS campus in Barcelona, stepped in to give a speech. Benielli congratulated the students and reflected on the difficulties and opportunities of this past academic year. “We have seen that technologies have the capacity to help us, but we have also realized that physical presence and socialization are essential. We must rethink our pedagogy in order to take advantage of technologies, making more out of face-to-face presence,” commented the director.

Helena Canadell asked the students from which city they were following the ceremony. They answered through the App. City names began to appear on the screen, creating a mosaic that showed the multiculturalism of TBS. In the middle, the name of Barcelona stood out above the rest, since many of the students were in the Catalan capital.

After the first video of the Master in Management graduates, Nathalie Quiriny, the Master’s pedagogical coordinator, came on stage. She announced the winners of the Excellence, Responsibility, Agility, Openness, and Audacity awards. Quiriny presented the Agility award to Nadia Mdivani of the MSc International Financial Management & Control class of 2019.

After the second video of the Master in Management students, they announced the Excellence Award to the valedictorian of the 2019 class: Stephan Kohn. Kohn was connected to the event remotely and was able to give his Valedictorian speech.

Following the third video with the last photos of the MSc graduates, another dynamic took place. The students were asked to define in one sentence their time at TBS in Barcelona. The students’ phrases appeared on the screen: International, Fantastic, Toujours le soleil!, Unique, Razzmatazz, New home… Then, the students were able to see a montage of photos of their time at TBS.

Before starting with the class of 2020, Stephanie Lavigne, General Director of TBS, connected telematically. Lavigne congratulated the students with a speech that gave way to the presentation of diplomas to the Master 2020 students. Between the two clips with photos of the Master in Management students, the Responsibility Award was presented to Abdelhakim Boukabous, who had previously sent a thank you video. This was followed by the Excellence Award for the Class of 2020 to Annika Weigel, who also gave her Valedictorian’s speech.

The Alumni network: a new chapter

Finally, Canadell gave way to the last video of the day, that of the MSc graduates of the class of 2020. She then turned to the recent graduates to tell them about Chapter Alumni and the opportunities to stay connected to the school after graduation. To test the attendees’ knowledge of Alumni, she asked them how many graduates they thought the Alumni network has and what they expected from it. To explain how Chapter Alumni works, Inés El Jamali, head of the Barcelona Alumni network, spoke. The event ended with a farewell speech by Olivier Benielli.

If you also want to be part of TBS, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or any of our MSc programs.

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