The ID4D Global Database, compiled by the World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative, provides a global estimate for the number of individuals without proof of legal identity.

The ID4D Global Dataset’s 2018 edition shows that 1 billion people around the globe still struggle to prove their identity and, as a result, may face difficulties in exercising their rights and accessing basic services.

The Global Dataset is updated annually and was developed using a combination of publicly available data, such as birth registration and voter registration rates, and self-reported data from country authorities.

For the 2018 edition, 40 countries have provided direct administrative data about the number of people registered in their ID systems a record number. In addition to providing quantitative estimates on the number and share of the unregistered population globally, the Global Dataset presents:

  • Quantitative data on the number of individuals without access to proof of legal identity split by country, region, and income level.
  • Qualitative data on the entities charged with identification & civil registration (CR); the status of enabling legal and regulatory frameworks; and ICT, e-government, and poverty indices to allow for additional analysis.

You can check the ID4D here.


Chus García, TBS Barcelona Library Manager

Tags: Birth registration|Civil registration|Data|Global database|ID4D|Identification|Voter registration|World Bank

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