TBSWay is the student association of the TBS Education-Barcelona campus, and in its new home, the 22@ campus, it has found the perfect facilities to grow and develop new activities that promote integration and the student community.

We chatted with its president, third-year Bachelor in Management student Daria Arkhangelskaya, who explained what’s new for the student club this year.

What changes have you noticed from the TBSWay of the pandemic to the current one?

Actually, it’s been quite a significant change – not only post-Covid time but also having a new campus brought a lot of students to university life, therefore, student life. People are getting more engaged in the activities, they are interested in getting to know more people from other programs and years. Even occasionally passing through the student space, you’ll always find students hanging around – for us at TBSWAY it’s a great opportunity but also a challenge to expand our activity – clubs and the team. Talking in numbers, last year, the team was around 5-7 members; in contrast, this year, we have around 20-25 members related to different clubs with a main executive team of 4 people. 

How are you using the new TBS facilities in Barcelona?        

The student space on the 3rd floor is one of the places we use the most, is good for hanging out with friends, having a snack, or even studying together. Moreover, we did the cinema nights there and some of the meetings for the clubs, and the TBSWAY office is the place where all the ideas are born and brought to life – we spend a lot of time there brainstorming, evaluating initiatives, planning activities and meeting with new team members.

What activities have you already done?

The structure of how we do activities in TBSWAY changed, we tried to reinvent the ways things are done, and now each initiative becomes a separate «club» with a leader, a plan for the semester, and a budget. Over the first semester, we launched four active clubs – debate, parties, foodie, and finance. Additionally, last week we launched a meditation club and we are working on the launch of sports and «safe space» clubs together with a podcast.

Apart from the activities in clubs, we try to organize various events – welcome week parties, International foodie week, Halloween movie nights, Christmas gala…


What activities are coming up on your calendar?

Currently, the main activities planned out until the end of the semester would be to launch the new clubs as well as continue long-term planning. Thanksgiving dinner by the foodie club, International Food Fair, Christmas movies, and a party with the finance club, debate workshops, and meditations on Thursdays is already on the calendar and much more to come!

We are always welcoming new initiatives and team members as there is always room for more events and activities. Whether you are a student that wants to join us or a student who has an idea to execute please get in contact with our Vice President Andreas Holl

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