Within the student organization of TBS Education’s Barcelona campus, TBSWay, there are currently four independent entities that students are part of. One of them is the Finance Club, headed by several students of the school:

  • Juan Gasca – President of the Finance Club
  • Noé Mellac – Vice-president of the Finance Club
  • Mathieu Provoost – Managing Director of the Finance Club
  • Samuel Lee – Senior Associate of the finance club
Left to right: Juan Gasca, Mathieu Provoost, Samuel Lee and Noé Mellac.

The president of the Finance Club, Juan Gasca, explains to us how was the idea of the Finance Club born: “I was doing my exchange program at the University of Exeter, and they had multiple clubs, one of them was Exeter Student Investment Fund, where they basically worked as an Investment banking firm and had loads of workshops to learn about investing, trading and how the finance world works. I liked it a lot, and since in TBS Education we didn’t have things like those, I decided to create something similar.

A growing idea ready to success

Experience is a degree in this type of activity, but Juan remembers that: “I have created many businesses before, but I have never started a club, organizing events and such; this is why teamwork is very important.” At the moment, they are around 10 members in the club, but they are expecting first-year Bachelor students to join shortly.

The direction of the Finance Club highlights that their long-term goals are to help TBS Education students get a hang of what working in finance is and help them get into the firms that they want to get in by explaining different concepts that aren’t taught in class, as well as helping them develop a network that will be useful in the future.

I hope someone takes over the finance club and continues to improve it since it will definitely help a lot of people interested in investing and going into the investment banking, private equity, and auditing sectors.

Juan Gasca – President of the Finance Club

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