The students of a school bring life to its corridors and corners, give meaning to academic activities and, in turn, collaborate with projects that enhance its prestige. Likewise, at TBS Education in Barcelona, the students are the fundamental pillars and that is why, from the school, we want to recognize their effort, dedication and commitment to the center. The TBS Student Recognition Awards 2020 aim to convey this appreciation to the students.

At an event held in Amphitheater 1 on the Trafalgar campus on February 19, members of the Academic Department presented various awards that recognize both the academic achievements and the social involvement of some of the projects developed by the students. Before that, however, the Economist and Neuroscientist Edgar Sánchez has given a talk on Behavioral Economics.

Edgar Sánchez, Economist and Neuroscientist.

This new field uses the scientific method to design interventions to promote people make decisions for their own benefit. It combines knowledge from psychology, economics and other social sciences, and is a discipline that is becoming increasingly influential. In fact, the Nobel Prize in Economics in the years 2002 and 2017 was awarded to researchers in this area (Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler, respectively).

The award-winning students

The students awarded this academic year, according to categories, have been the following:

Excellence Scolarship: Gian Lucca Camerin

Best Student Initiative: Sophia Vingradova

Outstanding Inspiring Award: Mehmet Karakus

Best Welcome Team Member Award: Mariam Gaiashvili

Social Responsability Award: Milica Lapcevic

Bachelor 1st year Outstanding Student Engagement: Victoria Andrea Salguera

Bachelor 2nd year Outstanding Student Engagement: Bernat Capdevila

Bachelor 3rd year Outstanding Student Engagement: Román Prats


  • Best TBS Student Ambassador: Martin Ivan Berger

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