TBS Barcelona Summer School students visit Barcelona Activa

As a starting point of the three weeks that TBS Summer School students are going to spend in Barcelona, yesterday took place their first visit to a real-life company. Marc Sans, as a representative of Barcelona Activa –local development agency of the Barcelona city council- offered a talk where concepts such as entrepreneurship, initiative and competitiveness were present.

At the beginning, Sans described Barcelona as “a magnet for international talent and a hub for innovative startups”. In the same way, and always highlighting the Catalan capital as centre of the most dynamic Euro Mediterranean region, he pointed out that the city is also a pole of attraction for foreign companies.

Students verified first-hand the services offered by Barcelona Activa to entrepreneurs: free-of-charge advice and an endless number of tools, such as orientation workshops or online business plans. Sans also made a statement about the importance of “not only helping companies who are in the emergent fields, such as IT or gaming, also helping people to become more competitive in whatever area of business they wish”.

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