If you are preparing to land at TBS in Barcelona, ​​we are here to help you answer any questions you may have about when, where, and how your course will start.

The September intake

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If you are going to join our school next September, you must be informed of all the indications that, from the government authorities, are being sent to us in order to maintain the maximum safety and hygiene of the TBS community.

Throughout these months you will have received specific information about the evolution of the pandemic in your email, as well as each and every one of the measures that will be taken at the campus for its reopening.

Start dates

  • Spanish Course: August 31st – September 10th
  • Master in Management (1): September, 14th
  • Bachelor in Management (2nd year): September, 15th
  • Bachelor in Management (3rd year): September, 21st
  • Bachelor in Management (1st year) September, 28th
  • MSc programs: September, 28th

Building the new normal

For this new academic year 2020-2021, TBS in Barcelona is actively adapting its educational method to the specifications of the new and changing reality, ensuring that all program goals and learning outcomes are achieved as usual. So much so that the TBS campus will open its doors and its pedagogical activity will take place from the first day. 

One of the pillars of the TBS method is the direct interaction between students and professors, as well as the experience-based model; two concepts that the school considers essential for the development of skills of its students. However, and given the circumstances caused by the global pandemic, TBS will modify its educational strategy to combine face-to-face classes with online learning, always maintaining the excellence and quality of its programs.


In the case of students who come to campus, the hygiene and social distancing measures stipulated by the Government will be applied. The experience on campus will, therefore, depend on the regulations laid down in September and we will keep you updated at all times of the rules taken from the school. 

Of course, we fully understand that many of you could face difficulties in reaching Spain, and we are going to adapt to those cases. By all means, you will be able to follow all classes online until your arrival. TBS Faculty is working very hard to face all this contingency and we are preparing to welcome you in the best possible way.  

Measures to take into account

Ahead of the beginning of the next academic year, TBS Education has already established specific regulations focused on maintaining hygiene and social distancing measures that ensure the safety of the TBS community. Of course, it is important to note that the rules may vary until the beginning of the course as stipulated by the competent authorities of the country.

  • Protective screens will be installed for the staff who maintain direct contact with the students,.
  • Daily disinfection of the facilities.
  • Bins will have a lid and a pedal.
  • Disinfection kits will be enabled at the entrance of each classroom.

What will classes be like in September?

BCN TBS Academic year rules Face masks will be provided to students.
BCN TBS Academic year rules According to the Spanish authorities, the social distance must be maintained. If this is not possible, the use of a mask will be mandatory.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesFrom TBS, every effort is being made to accommodate class schedules to different time zones.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesLessons will be recorded and available for 48 hours, with the exception of language classes that will not be recorded.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesWe will send out location surveys to facilitate the organization of the groups.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesIn some cases, classes and/or activities may be called on Saturday.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesEven if you are in Barcelona, ​​and responding to internal organization, we may ask you to attend your classes remotely.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesThe use of headphones will be highly recommended to follow the classes.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesStudents will need to download the Teams and Zoom desktop applications in order to follow the classes correctly.
BCN TBS Academic year rulesAll language classes will be exclusively online.

Looking for accommodation

If you are already planning your trip to Barcelona, ​​we invite you to read our page dedicated to accommodation on this website, as well as the section dedicated to administrative procedures.

BCN TBS Academic year 2020-2021

Get in touch

If you have any specific queries about the programs, your application or the Campus, please get in touch. You can contact us using:

  • Email:

Admissions Deparment: admission@tbs-education.es

International Office: international@tbs-education.es

Academic Department: academico@tbs-education.es

Informative session

If you want to know more about the visa process, land in Barcelona and get answers to any questions you may have, you can enjoy the Welcome information session.

The academic year 2020-2021 promises to be different, but at the same time exciting and full of changes that will allow us once again to maintain our commitment to you: to train excellent business professionals
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