Going to the cinema, going on a mountain excursion, visiting emblematic places in Barcelona … the agenda of TBS WAY, the TBS Education student association in Barcelona, ​​used to be full of events that helped campus students to get to know each other and promote the international environment outside the school classes.

The pandemic, however, has marked the calendar in recent months for everyone and for TBS WAY, too. This is how Mariam Gaiashvili, who has a new position as president of the association, explains to us. Mariam, 22, from Georgia, is in her third year of the Bachelor in Management program and joined TBS Way as a helper, became vice president, and now serves as president.

Mariam Gaiashvili, TBS WAY president.

“To be president you have to be elected by the members of the group,” he explains and highlights the difficulty that the months of confinement have entailed: “We had to cancel everything we had planned, although we continued to be in contact with each other.”

Gaiashvili recalls that during the lockdown they did not publish anything on their networks but they spent the time rebranding the association, a long-awaited change of image by all and that they have already shared on their social media profiles.

But, how is this new academic year planned? The president of TBS wants to emphasize that “despite the situation, we will do our best to make it as fun and interesting as possible.” At the moment they are reorganizing the agenda of the events that they already had prepared – movie night, parties, games, workshops… while planning new online activities adapted to the times.

Do you want to join the activities organized by TBS WAY? Send an email to tbsway@tbs-education.es and start having fun in Barcelona with your fellow TBS.

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