For the second consecutive year, 60 students of the Discovery Semester in Digital Transformation, participated in the SAP Digital Hub in Barcelona, an experience where students faced the resolution of some challenges that are experienced on a daily basis. The general theme of the session was Digital Transformation and Prospect Qualification.

The day started with a brief explanation about the vision of corporate and innovative working life at SAP, conducted by Tina Alsted, Head of Network & Community at SAP. She spoke to the students about the experience they would have on an internship day at the SAP Digital Hub in Barcelona and how the topic of digital transformation works with customers and prospects.

After that, the students were divided according to their work groups to different breakout rooms, where each team had to analyze a potential customer to propose the best way for SAP to approach them and present their services


During this stage, each group made a presentation to SAP with a maximum duration of 10 minutes per group, plus two minutes of feedback. At the end SAP chose a winning team from each of the 3 breakout rooms and a break was given so that the winning teams could correct the final presentation according to the comments received in the feedback.

Back in the main hall, the 3 selected teams made their final presentations and the SAP jury, with TBS staff, chose a winner. In this case, it was team 3 made up of Emma Chardard, Lola Cosson-Petat, Benjamin Courreges, Guillaume Crouzy, Julie Dante and Bonjour Juliette, who as a prize got to spend a day at the SAP facilities, plus a Linkedin recommendation from the company.

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