Studies have shown that rooftops and restaurants can become “unsafe” places if smoked in them because the Covid virus can spread with the smoke up to eight meters. This has been revealed by the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) who believe that these spaces can be unsafe for both users and workers, due to the risk of infection that this entails.

According to the SEPAR, there has been evidence of an increase in air pollution from tobacco in open environments such as rooftops or terraces, with a percent of tobacco toxins in these spaces that ranges between 30 and 50% for each smoker who uses these environments to smoke.

As reported by pulmonologists, the harmful gases and particles contained in tobacco smoke in these places come not only from the smoker’s exhalation and the combustion of the cigarette, but also from cigarette butts or from the mixture of these toxins from the smoker with gases from the atmosphere.

“These chemical agents are maintained over time, as they adhere to clothing, objects or other installations on the terraces, and even remain residually in the smoker’s exhalation for at least 10 minutes after the last cigarette,” explained SEPAR.

TBS common spaces extend to the doorstep of our campuses. We beg you to, please, keep these places smoke-free. Thanks!

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