• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: France

My name is Paul and I studied the Master in Management from Toulouse Business School and my last year at TBS Barcelona between 2012 and 2013 where I got my double diploma Master in Dirección de Empresas with the B2B specialization.

I am currently based in Hamburg, Germany, and hold a position as Lead FAL Customer Manager – Lead Customer Acceptance & Delivery Manager at Airbus Commercial Aircraft. I joined the A320 family Aircrafts Acceptance and Delivery department as Lead Final Assembly Line, Customer Manager, one year ago. My team acts as a focal point for the customer throughout the Customer Acceptance and Delivery process (from FAL pre-assembly up to Ferry Flight or aircraft) in the scope of the customer fleet management to ensure On-Time, On-Quality, and On-Customer satisfaction deliveries. Previously, I started my career with four years working in the field as a key account manager for Airbus Helicopters in South America until I decided to become a Product Manager for Airbus Commercial in Germany.  

As for the reasons for choosing this job, I am convinced that there is a link between the fascination I have developed for helicopters and airplanes, and the passion I have had for spacecraft since I was a child. Something that is also fundamental for me is being able to manage products in a high-tech company that fascinates me, as well as the contact with the customer. Something I also love about this job is that I am immersed in the highly technical world of aeronautics. 

I chose TBS first of all because of its ranking. TBS was in the top 10 business schools in France and top 20 in Europe. Secondly, TBS was a pioneer in achieving triple accreditation, a recognition that other prestigious schools did not have at that time. I saw this as a guarantee of solidity. Besides, I loved Toulouse… I was particularly struck by the school’s Barcelona campus. At that time, TBS was a pioneer in terms of creating campuses such as ESCP Europe… I was attracted to the Barcelona campus and was willing to do a double degree there.

The greatest contribution TBS has made to my learning has been the soft skills learned through its many social partnerships, which are essential to developing the ability to adapt to any challenge. These crucial skills are precisely the ones that allow me to evolve in a technical environment like mine with confidence.

If I had one piece of advice to give to TBS students when choosing their internships, it would be to not hesitate to contact former students to ask them about their professional experience and what makes them happy in their work.

As an additional note, I have very good memories of the TBS B2B option with Professor Christophe Benaroya, it was an absorbing and on-the-job training experience. I also really enjoyed the campus, which was ideally located in the city center.

In 10 years I see myself in Mexico, working abroad again in sales… or maybe back in the South of France, in Marseille, back to the Airbus Helicopters world and enjoy work, the sun, and the beach.

paul boisseau

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