• Status: Student
  • Current country: Algeria

For me, Barcelona has really been the perfect city to live in during my Master’s degree because it offers anything that one might need: great weather all year long allowing you to spend a lot of time outside after class.

This allowed me to grow my professional network because, as you might know, Barcelona is a European Hub for innovation which means you can meet a lot of professionals at one of the many networking events that take place all year long.

An amazing inspiration

But also, Barcelona has been an amazing city to simply get inspiration: the city has strong cultural roots, amazing architecture, delicious food, and vibrant summers. At a period when you are finishing your studies, it is a great place if you need inspiration for your next big move.

I believe the weather, the culture, and the melting pot that you find here is an endless source of inspiration. Whatever your interest might be, you will most likely find a group of people who are doing something great with it. You meet so many people from all around the world that it feels you traveled to all those places.

My place

I live in Eixample. I used to share a flat for a long part of my stay here, but then I moved into a place of my own once I knew I wanted to settle in the city. I can tell you, for having tried both alternatives (living in a shared flat and renting an apartment) that both options are great whether you are looking to meet new people and maximize your budget or find a place of your own, you will most likely have a wide range of options.

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