• Status: Student
  • Current country: Colombia

My name is Juliana Moreno and I am from Cali, Colombia. I am at TBS in Barcelona studying for the Bachelor in Management program. I chose TBS mainly because of the way they teach and the facilities that the school gives to do internships and so far my experience at TBS and in the Bachelor is going very well.

I love Barcelona, you can do a lot of things, go to the beach, meet friends… Besides, there are people from all over the world, so you can get to know a lot of different cultures. I haven’t done internships yet because I’m in my first year, but I want to do them in ‘real state’. Right now I don’t know what I want to do in the future, but ‘real state’ is something that interests me, so maybe I will go in this direction.

The covid-19 is making it a bit difficult for us, I have a hard time concentrating at home, and doing online classes is very hard for me. Even so, we have been able to do face-to-face classes at TBS and the situation here is much better than in Colombia, so it’s not so bad. I have also been able to enjoy the city and visit many places. Above all, apart from what I have learned and all the knowledge I have acquired, I keep the people I have met, friends from all over the world with whom I want to continue growing.

juliana moreno

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