• Status: Student
  • Current country: Spain

I chose TBS for many reasons. On the one hand, for the quality of the teaching and faculty and the recognition of the diploma, TBS is in a very good position in the rankings and also has triple accreditation. On the other hand, I chose the school because it has a campus in Barcelona, which I like very much and it is also the city where I was born.

As for the program, I chose it because I have always liked and been interested in marketing in general. In addition, I chose the B2B track because I had always been taught marketing from the consumer’s point of view and I was interested in seeing the marketing relationship between one company and another.

My experience at TBS has been a bit complicated by Covid-19, since doing almost all the classes by zoom made it more difficult to create strong relationships with the other students.

Although the Covid-19 has complicated things for us, overall I had a great time and a good experience. I know Barcelona very well because I studied at the Lycée Français de Barcelona (LFB) and most of my friends still live here.

Right now I am doing an internship at Gout Rôuge, a restaurant group in Barcelona. I am dedicated to managing the group’s social networks, mainly Instagram.

In the future, I would like to be an entrepreneur, to set up my own company to have the possibility to travel and work wherever I want.

Arnaud Poillerat

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