• Status: Student
  • Current country: Iceland

Hello! My name is Ari Fridfinnsson, I am from Iceland, and I’m a B2C Marketing Management student at TBS Education in Barcelona.

My experience as a TBS Education student was nothing but great. I got the opportunity to get to know people from all over and widen my horizon which is truly something you don’t get to do every day. I came in with a Psychology background and was going in something new with Marketing Management. However, there was never a problem and I never felt out of place.

Ari Fridfinnsson from Iceland is a student of TBS Education of Marketing Management. In this image he is relaxing with a cup of coffe

The best part of being a TBS Education student is the diversification of programs you work with. I was studying B2C Marketing Management and learned expertise on that. However, there were Fashion and Luxury Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, B2B Marketing as well. Working alongside those programs gave you wider perspective on each project. As well in the SESAME project where we worked with international business and finance students, we really could use our individual strengths we learned in the project.

What is your main goal during your program here?

To learn new things and to get to know new people.

What makes you choose us?

I saw the companies TBS Education collaborates with on project and SONY was one of them and I felt excited by that. I got the privilege to work with SONY on our final project which was perfect. Also, the program is short, only two semesters then a Master Dissertation. Finally, the school is in Barcelona and that was it. I always wanted to live in Barcelona and TBS gave me the opportunity to do so.

What expectations do you have after you graduate from your program?

To finally put everything I learned to practice. I feel confident to enter any field and do my best. TBS Education also gave me confidence to create my own company one day.

Message to freshman year students:

 Ari Fridfinnsson a B2C Marketing Management student at TBS Education in Barcelona drinking a beer in Barcelona Beach

Listen to every lecture and enjoy every minute of it. As I said, the time goes by fast, so you better breath in every experience.

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