• Status: Student

Hi! My name is Aleksandre Targamadze, I am from Georgia and now I am studing a Bachelor in Management at TBS Education in Barcelona, since the year 2021.

Why did you choose TBS Education?

To be honest I had several universities in mind before I decided to come here. For me it was the best place for me to do bachelor if you consider the place, price and quality of the school. I have also heard great things before, from my friend who have studied here.

What internships have you done?

For the internships I have worked at the hotel in purchasing department and helped at another hotel with the art gallery.

What specialization you would like to do ?

I would like to work in a hotel not sure which department yet, I still need some experience in some areas to make that decision but in general I would love to work in a hotel.

An advice to future students :

The best advice to give to future students would be to enjoy every moment during this experience because it goes really quick and I can assure you, you will miss it so enjoy school activities and outside activities as much as you can.

What do you like about Barcelona ? 

I love Barcelona, there is always so much to do. There are so many students and young people here, you can always meet someone new and have fun. There is also the sea, events and the weather is better than most. It’s perfect for students. 

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