• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

I entered TBS at Bachelor level in 2015 because the school was well-ranked and, having grown up in Spain, I was ready to live in the country so when I came across TBS’s program and their campus in Barcelona I did not hesitate! What also convinced me at that time was the possibility to work every year in a different country with the internship periods, and the semester abroad as part of the student exchange program in the second year. Having grown up in different countries, it was important to me to be able to discover more countries and cultures. 

After the Bachelor’s, I took a gap year to gain work experience. I then chose to continue with the master’s program at TBS because it was recommended to me by my friends from the Bachelor. Due to the COVID crisis, it was not exactly as I expected but I still learned a lot about the different markets in the Luxury industry, which was my objective to be able to define my professional project. 

 I loved my experience at TBS, the promotion I was in at the Bachelor level was very international, there was a nice mix of cultures. Program-wise, I think it was very well structured. We had a lot of group projects in the different classes, this helped us to learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and with different personalities. This was a plus when beginning our actual career. 

 I am currently in Barcelona, I think there is no other city like Barcelona in Europe. The quality of life here is amazing: we have the sea and the mountains nearby, there is a good student vibe and the city population is very young and international. The weather is warmer than in most cities in Europe all year round. To me, it is the perfect city to study, you can never get bored! It is not expensive, the food is good, there are events every week (out of COVID) and a warm environment in general from the locals. 

 I learned a lot from the internships I have done, it allowed me to gain valuable experience for my future career and test the different departments I wanted to work in. I was lucky enough to have good managers in most of my experiences who made me develop my skills and gain confidence in my work and capabilities. I was able to define the career path I wanted to take which helped me chose my master specialization: Fashion and Luxury. Before starting my Master’s at TBS I had accumulated 5 experiences which helped me realized the direction I should take was looking for a position in the Marketing department in a luxury cosmetics brand. I consider myself lucky to have my professional project so clear in my head because I know for a lot of people it takes a year to define, passing from one job to another. 

I am about to start my end-of-course internship at Guerlain in the Operational Marketing department. In the future, I see myself evolving with the Guerlain Maison or within the LVMH group and why not ask to be transferred to one of their offices abroad within a few years! 

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