According to the Startup Heatmap Europe ranking, Barcelona is the third favorite European city for entrepreneurs looking to start a business, after Berlin and London. This is one position higher than the previous year’s edition.

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According to a statement issued by the City Council on Saturday, Barcelona’s first deputy mayor, Jaume Collboni, the city has “great strengths,” including talent, educational and research centers, and the best possible environment to work and live in.

Only London and Berlin are now ahead of the Catalan capital.

The ranking, prepared by Deep Ecosystems, highlighted the city’s “dynamic local ecosystem and the generation of nearly 300 jobs per month” and that only 13 percent of people who create startups in Barcelona are women, which is equal to the European average.

Barcelona consolidates its position as the largest startup ecosystem in the south of the continent.

Barcelona is the 3rd most trusted among 64 European startup hubs

A hub for unicorn businesses

He also mentioned that Barcelona is one of the 12 European hubs with unicorn companies that have managed to raise investments of more than 1,000 million euros throughout 2021, as well as a growth of between 500,000 and two million euros in initial financing such as Glovo, Letgo, Travelperk, Wallbox, Edream or Adevinta

If you’re planning to study abroad, Barcelona is a great opportunity.

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Barcelona is a great city for statups I TBS Education

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