Last week, we hosted a research seminar presentation in our campus starring Professor Pervez Ghauri, University of Birmingham’s Professor of International Business at Birmingham Business School (UK). Some of our MSc International Business students also attended this seminar titled “The role of MNEs in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, advised by TBS Education-Barcelona’s International Business & Marketing professor Diana Filipescu.

However, this seminar was meant to engage professors and researchers in an enriching debate, which involved members from Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, IQS School of Management, Universitat de València, Norway University of Science, TBS Education, and renowned professionals from different countries.

Professor Pervez Ghauri’s research seminar in TBS Education - Barcelona campus


TBS Education’s professor Diana Filipescu explained that one of the main challenges involving Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) is the role they play regarding their action or inaction when it comes to “[…] decreasing inequalities and taking part in addressing climate change and overall wellbeing of the society […]”.

“We discussed whether it was possible for MNEs to behave more ethically and to consider all stakeholders in their profit maximization strategies or not. Prof. Ghauri discussed the objectives of SDGs and how the pursuit for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) was related to SDGs and who the actors were for each of the missions”.

Thus, this matter would lead to other projects in which Professor Pervez Ghauri has been taking part of:

  • Can MNEs be ethical and competitive at the same time?
  • Impact of ethical behavior on sustainable competitive position of MNEs
  • Inclusive digital model: transform the benefits of technology into jobs and income for marginalized communities

MSc International Business students

Our students were able to attend a 15h-module on “Business Dynamics in China” taught by professor Pervez Ghauri, which has had a terrific impact on their learning. Moreover, as mentioned previously, they have also attended the seminar.

“I believe that by attending this research seminar, students have been able to witness how research is done (starting with a research question and then developed until final contributions); understand its challenges, follow the discussions and feedback from other scholars to the author, perceive the openness of the author regarding the possibility to improve the current research and learn how results can be interpreted and offered as a solution to future problems”, said Professor Diana Filipescu.

Learn more about our MSc International Business program here:

Professor Pervez Ghauri’s research seminar in TBS Education

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